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What is the Six Thinking Hats Model?

When an enterprise wants to launch a new product or service, the idea behind the team is more important, but it can't be done overnight to put forward a new idea, effective thinking method can provide the team with different perspectives of thinking, so as to improve the quality. Among them, the six thinking caps can provide different ways of thinking.

Elements of Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking hats has six different ways of thinking. Changing a way of thinking is like wearing a new hat. These six mind caps can help people look at things from different perspectives and improve the quality of decision-making. The six thinking hats are:

  • White thinking hat - presents information and evident: full collection of data and information

  • Yellow thinking hat - focus on value, efficiency and benefits

  • Red thinking Hat - focus on people feeling and emotion

  • Green thinking Hat - Focus creativity by proposing solutions and new ideas

  • Black thinking hat - Focus on negative and risks by identifying negative emotions and possible problems and risks

  • Blue thinking hat - focus on control and actions by organizing the thinking of the team

Benefits of Six Thinking Hats

Six thought hats can not only be applied to new product development, managers can also make full use of these six thinking hats in meetings, so that the team can work together more effectively, without straying from the original direction of thinking, improve meeting efficiency, and achieve effective brainstorming.

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