Customer Journey Mapping Example: General Sales Lifecycle Template 2


This is a simple Customer Journey Map template for sales. It lists the touchpoints, customer experience and improvement ideas involved in a generic customer journey that's divided into stages like awareness, discovery, engagement, active client, successful client and refer.

Click Use This Template to open it. You may customize it as needed.

What is Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

A customer journey map is a diagram that depicts the stages customers go through when interacting with your company, from brand awareness to buying products to accessing customer service, etc.

How to create a Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Mapping can be easily performed using a quality CX software like Visual Paradigm Online:

  1. Create a Customer Journey Map. You may create from scratch or to start from a template.
  2. Customize the map by creating the rows and columns you need.
  3. Fill-in the map.

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