Customer Journey Mapping Example: Online Shop


This is a simple Customer Journey Mapping example that shows the customer experience involved in a purchase process. The whole journey involves 5 stages - find item, place order, shipping and post-sales support. The activities, touchpoints, customer emotions and opportunities for improvements are documented in the map. Notice that customer emotions are visualized as data chart.

Use this CJM example as a starting point and to create your own journey map.

What is Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey Map is a customer experience tool to visualize the experience of interacting with your brand from the customer's angle. This map forces you to focus on how your customers actually feel about your brand versus how you think they do. With this information, you can better deliver on customers' expectations.

How to create Customer Journey Mapping?

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  1. Create a Customer Journey Map. You may create from scratch or to start from a template.
  2. Modify the map by adding/removing columns and rows to fit your need.
  3. Fill-in the map.

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