Customer Journey Mapping Example: Sales Support


This is a Customer Journey Map template for sales support. The simple journey map template involves 3 stages - pre-sales, on-boarding and maintenance. Touchpoints, frustration and ideas for improvements can be described in the journey map.

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What are Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map shows how your customers interact with your organization step-by-step. It's created by taking a walk in your customers' shoes as they purchase. Customer journey mapping focuses on customer needs, technical barriers, and feeling throughout every interaction with your company.

How to perform Customer Journey Mapping?

Have you ever wondered how to perform Customer Journey Mapping with a specialized software? Visual Paradigm Online is the answer.

  1. Create a blank Customer Journey Map. You may create from scratch or to start from a template.
  2. Customize the map by creating the rows and columns you need - touchpoints, action items, etc.
  3. Fill-in the map.

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