Customer Journey Mapping Example: Touchpoints Templates


This is a Customer Journey Map template that focuses on the studying of customer experience through analyzing their touchpoints. Touchpoints are categorized into categories like website, phone, email, post, etc.

Use this Customer Journey Map template and customize it for your need. Click Use This Template to start.

What are Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey mapping is a roadmap that shows how a customer becomes aware of your brand, their interactions with your brand-and beyond. Instead of looking at just a part of a purchase process or experience, a Customer Journey Map documents the total experience of being a customer.

How to create a Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Mapping can be easily performed using a quality CX software like Visual Paradigm Online:

  1. Create a Customer Journey Map. You may create from scratch or to start from a template.
  2. Customize the map by creating the rows and columns you need.
  3. Fill-in the map.

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