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Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats

The founder of "Six Thinking Hats" is Dr. Edward De Bono, who is recognized as an authority on creative thinking and thinking skills in the world. He has written 56 books, translated into 35 languages, and published in more than 50 countries. Worked in important companies, prestigious schools and government departments. The thinking system and tools designed by him are widely used in today's world and have produced huge benefits.

What made the Six Thinking Hats popular?

before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Olympic Games are held in a sale at a loss, so thatbaiNo one cares or dare to undertake. Since Peter Uberroth successfully hosted the Los Angeles Olympic Games, this hosting right has become an opportunity for fierce competition in the world. It was in the previous 9 years that Peter Uberroth began to learn and use the method of Dr. Di Bono's "Six Thinking Hats".

  • White thinking hat: white is neutral and objective. Wearing a white thinking hat, people think about objective facts and data.

  • Green thinking hat: green on behalf of Yin Yinfang grass, symbolizing vitality. A green thinking hat implies creativity and imagination. With creative thinking, brainstorming, thinking differently and other functions.

  • Yellow thinking hat: yellow represents value and affirmation. Wearing a yellow thinking hat, people think positively and express optimistic, hopeful, constructive views.

  • Black thinking hat: wearing black thinking hat, people can use negative, doubt, questioning views, logical criticism, enjoy negative comments, find logical errors.

  • Red thinking hat: red is the color of emotion. Wearing a red thinking hat, people can express their emotions, people can also express intuition, feelings, hunches and so on.

  • Blue thinking hat: blue thinking cap is responsible for controlling and regulating the thinking process. Responsible for controlling the order in which the hats are used, planning and managing the entire thought process, and making conclusions.

The main purpose of using a hat of six ideas is to focus and improve the process of ideas, encourage creativity, think in parallel and horizontally, improve communication, accelerate decision-making, and avoid debate.

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