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Resolve differences and reach a consensus - Six Thinking Hats for Professional

Before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, hosting the Olympics was a loss-making business, so that no one wanted or dared to undertake it. from since Peter Peter Uberroth successfully hosted the Los Angeles Olympic Games, this hosting right has become an opportunity for fierce competition in the world. It was in the previous 9 years that Peter Uberroth began to learn and use the method of Dr. Di Bono's "Six Thinking Hats".

What is Horizontal Thinking?

The Six Thinking Hats, developed by the British psychologist Edward de Bono, is a lateral thinking technique often used to break through mental difficulties. It can be used to deal with volatile and controversial positions. Edward de Bono emphasizes that the Six Thinking Hats focus on creativity and can come up with countless simple, complete, effective and unexpected answers to break through the confusion of thinking.

Horizontal thinking is also known as divergent thinking. It diverges from the question itself to the surroundings, seeking a variety of different answers and is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. These divergent thinking have no special relationship with each other, and each answer is not right or wrong, but it is often unique (Creativity and ingenuity).

Why It works?

The principle of applying six thinking hats in meetings is to wear only one kind of hat at a time. When thinking is too negative, you can change to wearing a yellow hat; when you are too optimistic, you can change to a black hat; when the scene is deserted and no one is speaking, you can change to a white hat; when you are emotional, please put on a red hat for the time being.

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