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The Six Thining Hats Explained

The six thinking hats are the thinking tools proposed by the famous scholar Edward de Bono, representing six different angles of thinking. In thinking, we tend to consider many things at the same time. We should take care of the facts and establish a logical relationship. At the same time, we should not ignore the emotional factors, which often cause obstacles in our thinking and affect us to make the best judgment or choice. The six thinking hats teach you the right way to think. We don't have to do many things at the same time. We only wear one hat at a time and think in one way at a time. There are six colors in the hat, and each color represents a way of thinking.

  1. White thinking hat: white hat represents evidence, numbers, information and other issues in the process of thinking.

  • Ask Questions: i.e. What information do we know? What more information do we need?

  • Explanation: You have to learn to be neutral about facts and figures, even in the process of collecting them.

  1. Red thinking hat: Red Hat represents emotion, feeling, premonition, intuition and other issues in the process of thinking.

  • Ask Question: i.e. How do we feel about it at this moment?

  • Explanation: Express your most frank feelings about things, positive or negative, and remember not to be afraid of being criticized without saying it faithful words.

  1. Black thinking hat: black hat represents prudence in thinking, whether facts and judgments are consistent with evidence, etc.

  • Question Ask: i.e. Is it safe? Is it effective? What is its feasibility?

  • Explanation: question the problem from a negative angle, and at the same time, raise vigilance to explore the potential crisis.

  1. Yellow thinking hat: : Yellow hats represent the dominant issues in thinking, the interests, the advantages and so on.

  • Question Ask: i.e. Why does it bring benefits?

  • Explanation: this hat focuses on the positive side. Don't make negative criticism when wearing it.

  1. Green thinking hat: Green hat represents exploration, proposal, suggestion, new concept and diversity of feasibility in thinking.

  • Question Ask: i.e. What can we do in this respect? Are there any different views?

  • Explanation: after wearing it, you can give full play to your imagination. Its function is to release the old shackles of thinking, and you will receive unexpected effects Fruit.

  1. Blue thinking hat: Blue hat represents a reflection on the thought itself.

  • Question Ask: i.e. control the whole thought process, organize our discussion, decide the next thinking strategy, and so on.

  • Explanation: The role is to let people with a calm, macro attitude to control the whole thinking process, organization and coordination of the general direction.

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