Mind Map Diagram Example: Mail Application Test Cases


This is a simple mind map example that shows the items to test for a feature. Mail-App, the central node, is the name of the project, while Compose, the child node, is the name of the feature being tested. The test cases are listed further as sub-nodes of the feature. This mind map example clearly shows the scope of testing. You can customize it to suit your need or to create a new one with our mind map tool.

What is Mind Map?

Any idea probably has thousands of links in your mind and memory is naturally associative, not linear! Mind maps work the way the brain works that allow associations and links to be recorded and reinforced. Thus, a mind map is a powerful tool to help us think and learn by focusing on developing a hierarchy of information to work out key components, their subsets and relationships to each other. Focus on one central word or idea and use branches to depict the importance of ideas. Mind maps can be used for individual or group activities or a mixture of both to help with brainstorming and problem solving.

Characteristics of Mind Mapping

Mind maps can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance. A mind map has 4 essential characteristics:

  1. The subject of attention is crystallized in a central theme.
  2. The main key word of the subject radiate from the central key word as branches.
  3. Topics of lesser importance are represented as "twigs"
  4. The branches form a connected model structure.

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