Sequence Diagram Example: Break Communication Fragment


UML sequence diagrams capture the interaction between objects in the context of a collaboration. This sequence diagram template shows the use of break fragment in an interaction.

Use this sequence diagram template to get started building your own. Customize the sequence diagram for your need. Click Use this Template to start.

What is Sequence Diagram?

A sequence diagram is a visual model describing how groups of objects collaborate in some behavior over time by capturing the behavior of a scenario of a use case. It shows objects and the messages that are passed between these objects for the particular collaboration.

Key Elements in Sequence Diagram

  1. Actors are represented by human symbol
  2. Objects are represented by rectangles
  3. Classes are represented by columns
  4. Messages are represented by arrows
  5. Activations are represented by narrow rectangles
  6. Lifelines are represented by dashed lines

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